Year in Review: 2017

Duke TIP works year round to serve the needs of gifted students, their families, and educators.


  • The TIP online store goes live, raising financial aid resources for students in need while letting our fans show their TIP pride.
  • Louisiana State University is announced as a new Summer Studies site. Hello Baton Rouge! Duke TIP is in the house. 


duke tip scholar weekends classroom activity
  • Jack Kent Cooke Foundation continues its support of TIP’s Project Launch with a grant of $200,000: we’re changing the lives of high-achieving, low-income students.
  • eInvestigators debuts a month-long spring session and sells out in a week, as nearly three hundred fourth-, fifth-, and sixth-grade students dive into solving a real-world academic mystery online.
  • Academic Adventures and Scholar Weekends open, allowing gifted students to explore exciting, advanced topics not offered in school.


two girls making an animation in class
  • More Academic Adventures take place, allowing even more TIP students to participate in accelerated, hands-on, and —most of all—fun learning.
  • TIP launches a formal strategic planning process to guide its priorities and activities over the next three years.
  • TIP’s Gifted Today blog and college prep website get make-overs, attracting even more students, parents, and educators in search of research-based advice.   


girl working at a laptop computer
  • The rapid growth of eInvestigators inspires TIP to announce it will add twelve more sessions for the summer as both parents and students embrace investigative online learning.
  • 2017’s Distinguished Alumni Award winners are announced and prepare to pass on their legacy of achievement to a new generation of TIPsters.


a student at duke tip's grand recognition ceremony


students playing frisbee at duke university tip summer studies program
  • TIP’s popular eStudies summer sessions begin, providing students in grades seven and above with online courses in a variety of topics. 1,108 students will participate by the end of the summer.
  • CRISIS launches its summer program and hundreds of eager fifth- and sixth-grade TIPsters come together in research teams to tackle the challenges of a hypothetical pandemic.
  • TIP’s official alumni newsletter, TIP Times, debuts, connecting the TIP alumni community.
  • Field Studies kicks off, giving older gifted students hands-on, real-world experience in a variety of disciplines in unique locations. 425 students will participate by the end of the summer.
  • Summer Studies enjoys a successful first session, giving participants access to advanced academic study and dynamic residential programming at thirteen college campuses.
  • TIP Research Director Matt Makel is awarded a 2017 Mensa Education & Research Foundation Award for Excellence in Research.


  • The magic of TIP’s longest-running residential program continues as Summer Studies begins its second session. 4,502 students will participate in SSP by the end of the summer of 2017.
  • TIPsterU launches, featuring videos of TIP alumni giving our younger students insights into the college experience.
  • Hundreds of new TIPsters become online sleuths, spending a month over the summer solving an academic mystery through eInvestigators.


  • TIP launches an “Ask the Experts” column on Gifted Today, providing practical answers to tough questions posed by parents and teachers of gifted students
  • The TIPlomats alumni program debuts, giving alumni the opportunity to plan TIP social events wherever they may live.
  • Project Launch students begin receiving free enrollment in eInvestigators as a benefit for the first time ever.


group of young students running toward camera on a quad
  • Record enrollment marks the first full month of TIP’s 2017–2018 7th Grade Talent Search, now in its thirty-eighth year of successful operations.
  • TIP addressed its changing demographics by retiring its St. Louis-based Washington University campus in favor of adding Belmont University as a CRISIS site.  


students having a discussion in class
  • TIP’s 4th–6th Grade Talent Search marks its twenty-fourth year of operations with record early enrollment.
  • eInvestigators continues its momentum with a sold-out fall 2017 season, officially becoming TIP's fastest-growing educational program.
  • Academic Adventures launch for the 2017–2018 school year, allowing hundreds of younger TIPsters to try new areas of interest and meet their gifted peers.
  • Scholar Weekends roll out for another year, letting high school students evaluate potential college majors alongside other gifted students.




girls laughing and discussing something in class
  • TIP launches its annual end-of-year fundraising campaign to raise money for 2018 financial aid for students in need.
  • TIP ends 2017 having served over 13,000 students in its face-to-face and online programs, and enrolling over 96,000 new students in its talent searches. 
  • By the end of 2017, Duke TIP had distributed over $4.1 million in financial aid to 17,700 educational program and talent search participants.