TIP's Summer Studies session one kicks off

A group of girls smiling and laughing outside at Duke TIP.
Friday, June 9, 2017

Summer is here! School is out; the weather is warm, and one of TIP’s most highly-anticipated programs is kicking off this weekend: Summer Studies. All year, TIP staff have been preparing for this moment, when thousands of TIPsters will embark on a three week journey of a lifetime.

Session one of Summer Studies kicks off Sunday, June 11 across 13 beautiful college campuses in the Southeast. During this academically challenging and socially enriching experience, students will live in real college dorms, learn advanced concepts in real college classrooms, and spend time with real human students who share similar interests and passions. They’ll explore areas of study like engineering, anatomy, aquatic biology, creative writing, cryptography, ethics, and forensic science. It will be some of the most intense academic challenges students have encountered, with not only advanced coursework, but coursework at an accelerated pace and catered to the needs of gifted and talented students.

While the classroom portion of Summer Studies is engaging, challenging, and beneficial to students (equivalent to a semester-long college course), some of the most memorable moments will occur during down time, when our talented summer staff will lead TIPsters through activities so fun, so outlandish, so crazy, that they could only happen at Summer Studies. And let’s not forget the unique social interactions that take place. Summer Studies is one of the few places on earth where gifted students can be immersed in a nurturing community, made up of peers who understand the unique experience of being gifted and instructors who know the academic needs of gifted students.

So, with Summer Studies session one is just around the corner, we say to return TIPsters, welcome back home! And to students new to the program, prepare for the best summer of your life!