Online Academic Coordinator

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The Online Academic Coordinator is an integral part of the administrative team. This position supports all elements of the instructional program, directly supervises instructional staff, and conducts the instructional portion of staff training. During the term, the Online Academic Coordinator provides feedback to the instructional staff and conducts regular staff meetings. In addition to providing assistance and advice to instructional staff who have students experiencing academic or discipline problems, the Online Academic Coordinator confers regularly with the Duke TIP main office to discuss student issues.


A bachelor’s degree is required. Significant graduate coursework and/or classroom experience are also required. A master’s degree in Education or a related field is strongly preferred. Strong leadership ability, supervisory experience, and willingness to accept responsibility as a leader and supervisor of a full instructional staff are required. Applicants must possess excellent organizational skills as well as an ability to work cooperatively with others. Applicants must possess a genuine interest in the academic, social, and emotional growth of adolescents, exhibit maturity and a positive attitude, and be willing to serve as a role model for students.


Online Academic Coordinators are hired for the following programs:


Program Overview

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On-site Academic Coordinators are also hired for other programs.