Content Expert

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Content Experts create a case study, artifacts, and learning objectives for TIP's eInvestigators program. The content expert will design the case study as four­part story, lasting four weeks, where students experience characters, plot events and then are empowered to make a decision each week as they solve the mystery. This storyline will be created in collaboration with the Duke TIP Elementary Programs Coordinator and team and with the case developer. The content expert will provide content and skill objectives, concepts, and online resources for the case developer who will then design four weeks of online learning activities (four hours of student work per week) that teach basic concepts, content, and skills of the subject. The content expert will also provide content for artifacts (such as official documents, images, and clues necessary to crack the case, e.g., lab results, patient charts, etc.).


Professional degree and background in subject area. Strong writing skills and writing experience. Experience with gifted youth or education in some capacity. Excellent collaboration and communication skills in a virtual setting. 


Content Experts are hired for the following programs:


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