A large group of students spelling out TIP on Duke University East Campus


Founded as a nonprofit in 1980, thanks to a grant from the Duke Endowment, the Duke University Talent Identification Program (Duke TIP) has become a leader in identifying and supporting academically talented students. Over 2.8 million students have now benefited from one or more of TIP's unique services—with many of our programs serving as models for the education of gifted students worldwide.

The first Duke TIP programs opened in 1981. They included a talent search for seventh graders that attracted just over 8,700 participants and a summer residential program held on Duke’s campus for 151 verbally or mathematically talented students. Since then, TIP has experienced exponential growth. In 1994, TIP launched a second talent search for fourth and fifth graders, which then expanded to include sixth graders in 2012. Today, the two talent searches combine to support nearly one hundred thousand new participants each year while our educational programs serve over eight thousand students each summer, with thousands more participating in programs during the academic year.


A boy smiling and wearing a medal during a recognition ceremony