Celebrating Students

After you’ve identified and notified your TIP-eligible students, we encourage you to celebrate their achievement. Duke TIP recognizes our students’ accomplishments in a number of ways. Many schools choose to hold awards assemblies to honor their TIP participants as well.  

You can request a list of your school’s current enrollees by emailing us at talentsearch@tip.duke.edu. We also provide a sample ceremony script (PDF) and certificate template (PDF) you can use, as well as a press release template (DOCX) you can send to local media. 

When you become a participating TIP school or district, we encourage you to show off your support of academically talented youth by displaying this partnership badge on your website, social media pages, or in your publications. Right click on the image to save a web-ready version. 

tip badge

Help students create an educational plan

We advocate for above-grade-level testing because it allows students to better understand their abilities. But that knowledge needs to be acted on. 

We help students and their families do that, but you can as well. We report participants’ scores to you, so you will be able to learn how your gifted students did on these exams. If you’re able, you can use that information to help provide them with the optimal academic challenge.