Writing and Illustration Contest

illustration of grandfather looking over landscape where grandchild is planting a tree
The winning 5th-grade illustration from the 2019–2020 Writing & Illustration Contest. By Tristan Park.

The Duke TIP Writing and Illustration Contest invites all 4th-, 5th-, and 6th-grade TIPsters to submit a creative short story, an illustration, or both! The writing component takes place first, and the illustrations are based on writing contest winners.  

Part Open Date Close Date
Writing Contest December 1 January 21
Illustration Contest March 12 April 15


Last year, we asked students to submit original stories based on the following prompt: 

A feeling of excitement washed over me as I prepared to open the enormous box. At first glance, the box seemed ordinary, the words “Handle with care” carefully stamped in bold black letters on the side. The tape was dry and cracked, tearing away easily as I pried back the lid. What I saw inside the box made me jump up with excitement, and I knew it was just what my community needed. 

Read the winning stories and see the winning illustrations for each grade level here