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What is Duke TIP? We’re a nonprofit organization that’s been helping academically talented students, their families, and their teachers since 1980. 

Who is Duke TIP for? TIP serves academically talented students in 4th–12th grade. Students can join in grades 4–10. 

How does your student qualify? An exceptional state assessment score (95th percentile or above), an exceptional standardized national assessment score (95th percentile or above), a high IQ test score (125 or higher), being identified as gifted and talented in academic or intellectual ability through school, or a referral from a teacher, parent, or community member.  

How much does it cost to join? A student is part of Duke TIP forever with a one-time, nonrefundable enrollment fee of $50.

What does your student get for joining? Monthly enrichment activities, academic contests, advocacy tools, above-grade-level testing opportunities (additional fees apply), eligibility for advanced online courses and residential programs (additional fees apply), and the good feeling that comes with knowing that you support a nonprofit organization dedicated to improving gifted education for children everywhere.  

Yes, Duke TIP is about challenging gifted students and giving them the resources they need to reach their full potential. But it’s also about a frame of mind, an attitude. To be a TIPster is to approach the world in a particular way—with openness, understanding, curiosity, and a drive to improve yourself and your community. In fact, our vision is a world where academically talented individuals flourish, transforming their communities and the world. That takes more than talent. That takes commitment—and TIPsters have both.  

What is a TIPster? The simplest explanation is that a TIPster is what a student becomes when they join Duke TIP. The more nuanced definition is this: 

TIPster / noun 

Pronunciation: ˈtipstər/ 

Etymology: TIP n + -ster suffix 

Origin: Formed within English, by derivation 

1. Any one of the over three million people who has participated in the Duke University Talent Identification Program since 1980. 

2. Any such person who embraces their academic talents and—by way of intellectual curiosity, risk-taking, perseverance, and an openness to different perspectives—applies them to improving their community and the world.