Site Leadership

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Duke TIP offers residential programs for gifted students at 14 different college campuses and research locations. Every location is managed by a team of site leadership staff, who report to TIP's main office and serve as its liaison. Site leadership positions focus on the big picture aspects of the program. The site leadership team ensures student safety, leads and supports staff, and manages program logistics. Site leaders also oversee daily operations, staff training, and parent communications to ensure students and staff have the best possible experience.

Successful applicants for our site leadership jobs will have supervisory experience, strong leadership traits, excellent organizational skills, and the ability to work cooperatively with others. 

Learn more about TIP's site leadership positions:

Academic Coordinator

Academic Program Assistant

On-Site Director

On-Site Director (Academic Adventures)

On-Site Director (Scholar Weekends)

On-Site Director Training Coordinator

Operations Coordinator

Operations Assistant

Program Assistant (Academic Adventures)

Program Assistant (Scholar Weekends)

Residence Life Coordinator

Residence Hall Leader

Residential Counselor

Seasonal Interviewer

Seasonal Site Supervisor