Residential Positions

March 30, 2020—Duke University has just announced its decision to cancel Duke TIP's Summer Studies and CRISIS residential programs. As a result, we are no longer accepting seasonal applications for summer 2020.


At Duke TIP, the experiences students have outside the classroom play a crucial role in their development and ability to fulfill their full potential. Our programs are renowned for their ability to meet the social and emotional needs of gifted students in addition to their academic needs. Generations of gifted students have treasured the residential community each TIP face-to-face program offers, with many crediting TIP for the lifelong friendships they forged while attending one of our programs. All of these are good reasons why TIP’s residential positions focus on meeting the social needs of gifted students as well as fostering their emotional and physical health.

Residential staff typically mentor small, single-sex groups to create a sense of community, monitor the overall well-being of their students, plan and oversee both daily activities and large weekend events, and are integral in passing on TIP traditions such as term books and weekly dances. All residential activities are designed to help students build their leadership and teamwork skills while encouraging their personal growth. 

Residential Mission

Our residential mission is to:

  • Provide and maintain a safe environment that promotes an appreciation for diversity, wellness, and innovation.
  • Facilitate interpersonal growth where inclusion and respect for others are the norms for community living.
  • Create an environment that promotes meaningful community building for students and staff.
  • Enhance each student’s development in the areas of academic, social, cultural, interpersonal, and emotional growth.

Core Values

Our Residence Life Core Values reflect:

  • Community building: Bridging gaps and developing bonds is essential to the Duke TIP experience. We value developing connections across instructional and residential dynamics to promote the pursuit of scholarship and interpersonal engagement in and out of the classroom.
  • Respect: Fostering a welcoming and celebrative living and learning community, self-reflection, and positive regard toward others is encouraged.
  • Teamwork: Be it among staff, across campus, or within student groups, we value collaboration as the foundation of the Duke TIP experience.

It is important that residential staff members at TIP understand the nature of gifted students—how they are like and unlike the typical adolescent—so that they can effectively guide, support, and supervise our students. Training is provided in these areas to assist residential staff in these responsibilities.

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