General Expectations

Duke TIP's ability to create supportive communities for gifted students is legendary—and our success in creating these uniquely TIP experiences starts with our exceptional staff and their commitment to the values that have helped Duke TIP serve gifted students for nearly 40 years. 

Happily, just as we provide life-changing experiences to gifted students, working at TIP as a staff member can greatly enhance your life as well. If you seek a rewarding job working alongside the best peers and students you will ever find, we invite you to apply to TIP today.

What to Expect

TIP Core Values

The success of TIP’s programs depends greatly on staff performance, behavior, and attitude. No matter what your position is, you will serve as a role model for gifted students and your behavior must meet the very highest standards while reflecting Duke TIP's core values of integrity, continuous improvement, community, access and inclusion, and understanding. Because students will look up to you and want your approval as a staff member, you have many important roles to play in creating an enjoyable, exciting community of living and learning based on mutual respect. You are expected to be all of the following as a staff member at TIP:

Role model

Above all, Duke TIP staff members are role models for our students. This is a great responsibility. Since you are a major influence on students, you are expected to act appropriately and to uphold TIP’s high standards at all times. This means encouraging academic achievement and residential engagement, showing proper respect for all Duke TIP staff members and students, and acting as responsible members of the Duke TIP community.


TIP staff members are responsible adults, thinkers, and decision makers. Whether escorting your students to class or meals, playing Ultimate Frisbee on the quad, participating in group discussions, or taking part in a field trip or evening activity, you are responsible for the group and must show students that you are a person who can lead under pressure and be trusted.


Staff members are responsible for the behavior and safety of their students, as well as other students with whom they may have contact. It is your job to instruct and guide students to engage in positive behavior whether a staff member is present or not.

Information source

Staff serves as an important link in the flow of information at TIP, and staff members are the primary source of accurate information regarding programming, policies, and expectations for students. Staff should strive to communicate information clearly and concisely, and the information flow between academic and residential staff should be fluid at all times since issues in one area often affect the other.

Referral agent

One of your most important staff responsibilities will be to listen to the students and provide support and understanding. While most of our students do not have difficulty adjusting to our programs, some may encounter academic or social problems and approach you to ask for help or guidance. It is your job to provide that help or to know when to ask other staff members for additional assistance when needed.

Team member

Everyone plays an important role on Duke TIP’s program teams. The team functions most efficiently and effectively when everyone—academic, residential, and administrative—works together, communicates, and demonstrates respect for each other.