Course Reviser (eStudies)

instructor at a whiteboard

Course revisers create and revise learning experiences for students and/or staff. Revisers perform one of two duties for the Duke TIP eStudies program during preterm:

  • Revise an existing eStudies course per the program standards, per evolving needs in the discipline, and in response to changes requested by students and staff. Revisers ensure that the course remains a challenging, high-engagement experience for academically gifted middle and high school students using the Canvas LMS and other appropriate instructional technology tools. Course revisers edit portions of a course or the entire course.
  • Create or revise as well as administer one or more professional development modules that assist instructors in making minor course updates to curriculum and/or teaching practice, reinforcing program and pedagogical standards.

Revisions will be either minor or major:

  • Minor: under 30 hours of work, asking a reviser to edit a few elements of the course, not all weeks, and a few assignments.
  • Major: over 50 hours of work, editing multiple weeks of the course and changing major assignments.

Job Duties

  • Respond to TIP staff phone or email inquiries and messages within 48 hours

Course Revision only

  • Identify and integrate rigorous and age-appropriate readings, videos, and other resources
  • Revise or create new high-level essential questions for modules
  • Revise existing or create new scenarios, simulations, role plays, and/or case studies
  • Integrate feasible hands-on activities if directed by TIP staff
  • Revise prior or design new formative and summative assessments tied to rigorous objectives; ensure creative project prompts, directions, and rubrics that lead to meaningful student products and performances; and/or ensure differentiated options for student interest or readiness
  • Revise prior or design new sequences of learning activities for certain weeks that ensure content and skill mastery, while chunking content in digestible bites
  • Redesign live session agendas for greater interactivity, or create new interactive ones
  • Revise prior or design new Socratic discussion prompts in both synchronous and asynchronous discussion spaces
  • Develop and integrate new interactive and visual resources using digital tools and other media
  • Develop a facilitator guide for instructors inheriting the course
  • Provide consultation to instructors inheriting the course
  • Update the parent-facing syllabus
  • Perform other related duties incidental to the work described herein

Professional Development Modules only

  • Design one or more professional development modules that assist instructors with making course updates based on program standards and pedagogical elements listed above
  • Design one or more professional development modules that assist instructors with improving instructional strategies and practice
  • Assess work submitted by instructors in these modules during course updating preterm, and/or lead live training sessions associated with the module
  • Perform other related duties incidental to the work described herein

Educational Requirements

A master’s in education or curriculum and instruction, and/or long-term experience with teaching and curriculum development. Five or more years of teaching experience with gifted middle or high school students. Strong writing skills and communication skills.

Knowledge, Skills and Abilities

  • Prior experience teaching an eStudies course or taking eStudies professional development modules.
  • Knowledge of LMS, the Cloud (Google apps), presentation software, and other software applications
  • Proficient in current teaching practices and instructional technology
  • Online teaching experience, including facilitation of live web conferencing sessions,or online instructional designexperience
  • The ability to engage gifted students fully in an online experience
  • Collaborative, flexible, innovative, and the ability to meet frequent deadlines


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