In the service of (1) helping TIP achieve its mission, (2) aligning TIP with Duke University’s commitment to advancing the frontiers of knowledge, and (3) creating new understanding of how best to identify and develop academically talented students, the Research Division of Duke TIP focuses its work in three primary areas: original research, operational support, and public communication and translation.

Original research

Duke TIP asks fundamental questions and conducts large-scale projects that have the potential to make a meaningful impact on our understanding, policies, and practices related to academically talented individuals. Our mandate is broad to match the breadth of TIP’s identification and programming. Our work, whether as primary researchers, collaborators, or data facilitators, provides accurate, open, and replicable results. The fruits of these activities are published in academic journals that facilitate the results being read by appropriate academic audiences. We are also active members of the research community.

Operational support

The Research Division provides research-based perspectives to TIP staff, families, and educators to support their individual and departmental endeavors.

Public communication and translation

TIP Research works with the TIP Communications team and other staff to create research-based content intended for broad audiences (including Just the Facts handouts and Gifted Today) (1) to expand the awareness of empirically based knowledge related to academically talented students, and (2) to increase the visibility of Duke TIP. This work informs and empowers nonresearchers (parents, educators, administrators, policy makers, and other TIP staff) to take effective action.