A teacher helping a young man at a computer

Duke TIP works every day with educators seeking to serve their academically talented students better. We are proud to assist teachers and administrators in public and charter schools and districts, private schools, and homeschoolers.

Some of these educators come to us for curriculum ideas, best practices in the classroom, or advice on meeting the social and emotional needs of their students. Others turn to us to ensure that their gifted students receive the enrichment activities they need to stay challenged, as well as the recognition and peer support they deserve for their academic talents. Others recognize that a good education can change the trajectory of a life and send us their underserved scholars so that we can inspire them to take pride in their abilities and set their sights on the highest of goals.

In return, our teachers and administrators are valuable partners to TIP. Duke TIP depends on educators to identify students who score exceptionally well on their standardized tests or who exhibit other signs of being academically gifted. Without this help, we would never be able to identify and serve almost one hundred thousand new students each year. We do our best to make this easier for educators by providing toolkits for both the 7th Grade Talent Search and the 4th–6th Grade Talent Search, which include:

  • guidance on how to identify academic talent
  • easy-to-use materials to notify students of their eligibility
  • tools to honor and recognize students in local school assemblies
  • links to resources, including our blog for teachers, Teachers Workshop

We also hire gifted teachers in the summer, as well as throughout the year, to serve as instructional, administrative, and residential staff for our programs. Visit our Employment section to learn more.

If you are a teacher, counselor, or school administrator seeking to partner with Duke TIP on the identification and testing of gifted students, we welcome your inquiries: