TIP’s 2016 Summer Wrap-up

Thursday, September 15, 2016
Class walking through campus on sunny day

Planning your summer can be tricky.

It may feel like you’re being pulled in opposite directions. On one hand, you understand how taking a summer off from learning can make it harder for you to reach your full potential. But then again, we all know summer just wouldn’t be summer without a little fun.

But why choose between fun and learning? With Duke TIP’s ultimate summer experience, you don’t have to. Every year, we provide programs, courses, and ceremonies to help you learn more, celebrate your success, and have lots of fun along the way. 2016 was no different: it was another great year for TIP!

We kicked off the ultimate summer experience with a slam dunk: recognition for some well-deserving students. On May 16 at Cameron Indoor Stadium parents, family, and TIP staff cheered on more than 700 seventh graders with exceptional scores on the ACT or SAT. There in the hub of Duke Basketball, students received medals and lots of encouragement. 

Then, as June rolled around, thousands of TIPsters prepared for the experience of a lifetime. It was time for Summer Studies. On any one of 12 college campuses, 4,300 seventh through tenth grade students had the opportunity to live the college life while participating in a fast-paced, academically rigorous, and socially engaging three-week session.

Another 440 students took part in Field Studies, which allows high school students to experience their academic passion or career choice firsthand. Located throughout the US and abroad, this engaging two-week program encouraged students to take advantage of their surroundings to enhance learning through first-hand experience. This past summer, students travelled to Berlin, Costa Rica, and the Netherlands, to name just a few of its destination locations.

Additionally, 70 students participated in Summer Studies at Duke-Kunshan University in China. The three-week program takes place in a unique learning environment designed to motivate and challenge academically talented students. Students who took part in the program this year experienced fast-paced instruction in innovative, interdisciplinary course topics reflecting cutting-edge research.

TIP’s Summer Studies program incorporates all the best social qualities of summer camp: life-long friendships, competitive and often outlandish challenges, even dance parties. But unlike regular old summer camp, students enjoyed the amenities of a college campus rather than tents or cabins. And instead of singing campfire songs, TIPsters were guided by highly skilled instructors through advanced classes in topics of their choosing.

Students not yet old enough for Summer Studies weren’t left out of the fun. This past summer, more than 1,200 fifth and sixth graders put their teamwork, critical thinking, and problem solving skills to the test with CRISIS (Creative Resolutions of Impending Situations with Intelligent Solutions). The week-long residential program asked students to assume the role of a professional on a research team to solve a hypothetical crisis. Students studied hurricanes and worked together to predict the path of Hurricane TIP, implement emergency measures, and deal with the aftermath. 

For students unable to make the trip to one of our many residential summer programs, TIP brought the fun right to their computer screens. The 820 students, grades seven through eleven, who participated in eStudies this summer experienced an exciting distance learning opportunity. During the seven-week summer sessions, students connected with other gifted students and pursued advanced coursework online. Another 140 students enjoyed the fun of solving a real-life mystery online by participating in eInvestigators, TIP’s newest program for current fifth and sixth graders.

Thanks to parents, family, and lots of staff-members, this summer was a time of fun-filled learning for TIPsters. Between Summer Studies, CRISIS, and eStudies, close to 7,000 students were engaged in active learning and social interaction. Most importantly, these students made memories they’ll carry with them forever.