Qualifying Scores Update

Do you have questions about the changes to Duke TIP's program qualifying scores? You are in the right place.

As some of you may know, Duke TIP has adjusted its program qualifying scores for TIPsters interested in attending Summer Studies or eStudies. The new minimum score thresholds affect students taking the ACT or SAT through TIP after August 1, 2018. Special rules were put in place to ensure that no TIP student testing before August 1, 2018, who reported their scores to Duke TIP, would lose eligibility for any programs. Some may even be eligible for more programs or courses than before. We also changed some eligibility policies to give families more flexibility in what their students can apply for.

Why did you adjust the qualifying scores?

It is normal for Duke TIP to periodically adjust its program qualifying scores based on changes in the ACT and SAT in order to ensure an equal qualification level is applied regardless of which test students take. In addition, our educational program philosophy is to provide academically talented students with advanced learning opportunities that match their specific learning needs and academic interests. These new standards allow us to do that better. Read more about our Summer Studies Eligibility Philosophy or our eStudies Eligibility Philosophy for more information on how the new policies affect course choices for students and why we adjusted the score standards.

How will this affect my student, who is anxious to return to the same program this coming summer? 

If your TIPster took the ACT or SAT before August 1, 2018 and had their scores reported to Duke TIP, they will not lose any existing eligibility because of the new standards and may, in fact, qualify for more programs or courses this year because of the rule changes. If you would like to know what your student qualifies for under the new standards, we have created a score calculator that allows you to enter in your student’s TIP ID and instantly know what programs they qualify for. You can find a beta version of the calculator at https://apply.tip.duke.edu/calculator/. We’re still fine-tuning it to make it even more convenient and the final version will be ready by December 10, but you can test the beta version now. If you have a TIP student who has already tested and had their scores reported to TIP (which means they are probably in the 8th grade or above), be sure to use their TIP ID when using the calculator, even though it gives you the option of entering in test scores. You must enter in their TIP ID to get a complete listing of what they qualify for under our grandfathering provisions for existing TIPsters.  

What if my student joined Duke TIP after August? How does this affect them?

If your student joined Duke TIP after August 1 of this year, there is a score table available at https://tip.duke.edu/programs/summer-studies/eligibility/current-score-tables that tells you what the new eligibility standards are for TIPsters testing after August 1, 2018. You can also use the score calculator if you'd like to enter in your student's actual (or hypothetical) ACT or SAT test scores to view eligibility and course choices. 

What if my child tested before August 1 but we did not report their scores to Duke TIP?

TIPsters who tested before August 1, 2018, but who did not report their scores to Duke TIP, are subject to the new qualifying score standards.  

What if I don't know my student's TIP ID?

You can look up your child's TIP ID online. TIP IDs will only be sent to the parent email on record with Duke TIP. If you need to update your email or address information, you can do so online by filling out our Student Update form

Can my student test again in hopes of getting a higher score?

Yes. Your student can retest, though the new scores may not come back in time to change eligibility for next summer’s programs. Find out more. Please note that if your child tests again, eligibility for programs using the new test scores will be subject to our new qualifying score standards.

Need more information?

The easiest way to find out what your student qualifies for is to use the score calculator.

Give us a call at (919) 668-9100 during regular business hours if the above information does not answer all of your questions.