Make the Most of Your 2017 Summer!

Thursday, December 1, 2016
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Duke TIP's renowned summer programs challenge you academically, inspire you to think critically about yourself and your world, and provide opportunities to make new friends you will never forget. Don't miss out on this chance to create memories you will cherish for a lifetime. Take a look at what we’re offering for next summer and get ready to apply in the coming months.

CRISIS: stop the pandemic!

CRISIS is TIP's summer residential program for current fifth and sixth graders. Through problem-based learning, CRISIS builds leadership and teamwork skills by asking you to collaborate as a research team to assess and solve a community crisis. In 2017, CRISIS students will do their part to prevent, prepare for, and contain an imminent influenza outbreak before it grows to pandemic proportions. They will examine the potential pandemic from the perspective of medical professionals, scientific researchers, vaccine developers, engineers, government officials, the media, and financial institutions. 

Applications open on February 8. Learn more in the CRISIS section.

eInvestigators: can you crack the case?

TIP’s newest program, eInvestigators is a unique online experience for current fourth, fifth, and sixth graders. eInvestigators gives academically talented students an interactive, engaging way to gain investigative reasoning and research skills, knowledge of a specific academic discipline, and the principles of good digital citizenship. Through case assignments, online research, special activities, peer-to-peer interaction, live web conferencing, and more, eInvestigators take on the role of a real-world investigative professional to solve a mystery—whether that means uncovering what's ailing a medical patient, finding the perpetrator of a crime, or discovering what happened to an ancient civilization.

Applications for summer open on April 3. There is also a spring term that is accepting applications now. Learn more about the program in the eInvestigators section.

eStudies: take TIP with you this summer

eStudies offers a high level of interaction and intellectual rigor in a flexible learning environment for students in grades seven through eleven. These seven-week summer sessions connect you with other gifted students as you pursue advanced coursework online. You will experience an innovative take on distance learning, pairing the flexibility of digital platforms with a gifted community and the attentive feedback possible in a small classroom. It relies on synchronous and asynchronous instruction, combining real-time interaction and discussion with message boards and weekly assignments.

Applications open April 3, and qualifying scores apply. Learn more in the eStudies section.

Field Studies: don't just learn it—experience it

Field Studies students can learn all about their academic passion—but they also get to experience those passions firsthand and see if a college major or potential career is right for them. Students in grades nine through twelve can attend Field Studies either at a college campus, where they will make use of leading resources like research centers and cutting-edge technology, or at a former NASA tracking station, desert retreat, or the Costa Rican rainforest, where they will make use of their unique surroundings. Classes are filled with gifted peers and led by content experts, ensuring participants develop their creative and critical thinking skills in a supportive environment.

Applications open January 9. Learn more in Field Studies section.

Summer Studies: make the most of your summer

Duke TIP’s Summer Studies Program is demanding, intense, and rewarding. Students in grades seven through ten take part in interactive, inquiry-based learning that challenges them to think critically about themselves and their world. Led by content experts, courses are equivalent to a semester-long college course or a year of high school instruction. Our high-energy courses encourage students to stretch their academic abilities by taking intellectual risks in a supportive environment. TIP’s active residential program is a lot like a structured version of the college experience, providing opportunities for lifelong friendship and fun.

Applications open January 25 for eighth, ninth, and tenth graders and March 20 for seventh graders. Qualifying scores apply. Learn more in the Summer Studies section.  

Summer Studies at Duke Kunshan University: TIP tradition abroad

TIP launched Summer Studies in China two years ago, and now the program is open to students from around the world who are in grades eight, nine, or ten. Thanks to a partnership with Duke Kunshan University, Summer Studies in China students can experience a challenging, engaging academic experience at a world-class, global university. The program includes all the traditions that decades of students have come to love about the Summer Studies Program, paired with the experience of living and studying in China with other gifted students from around the world.

Applications open December 5. Learn more in the Summer Studies in China section.