Duke TIP co-sponsoring gifted forum in Broward County, FL

Tuesday, January 3, 2017
A group of girls raising their hands in a lecture hall

On Saturday, February 4, Duke TIP and Broward County Schools will team up as co-sponsors of The Educational Forum in Broward County, Florida at South Plantation High School. The forum is free and open to the public. Register for the event online ahead of time and sign up for parent and student workshops in advance (look for the blue tab on the left for sign-up and directions when you visit either of these web pages).

Broward County Schools is the sixth largest public school system in America, with more than 300 schools and education centers and serving a student population of over 260,000. This information-packed event will run from 9:15 a.m. until 4 p.m. and feature presentations geared towards parents, students, and anyone else interested in gifted education.

A number of parent and student workshops will be conducted, with parent workshops covering gifted education issues of importance to those nurturing gifted children and student workshops offering a host of fun, hands-on academically-oriented activities. Duke TIP will be among the workshop presenters. Duke TIP Gifted Education Research Specialist Richard Courtright will hold a session on “12 Facts About Gifted Education.” The information presented during this session has been derived from data-based research on gifted students and can be helpful to parents seeking advice on building the best possible education plan for their children.

Duke TIP’s Sarah Hubert is set to host a session geared specifically for gifted students entitled “How to Write a Great Story.” Hubert will lead students in discovering the craft of writing stories and narrative technique. Students will tackle creative writing prompts to strengthen their skills and learn how to “truly tell a tale.”

Don Donelson, another TIP presenter, will speak on the topic of human decision-making in his session officially called “Mastering the Illogical Human Thought Process.” Students will explore the factors that can affect our decision making and how they impact our lives. Donelson’s session will help students come to understand how we can control aspects of our nature to make better decisions in our own lives, and, in turn, influence the decisions of others.

Lastly, Duke TIP’s Karen Weeks will dive into a topic every movie-goer has wondered: are the stunts in action films realistic? Her session “Good Movie/Bad Science” will outline how the magic of movies and the laws of nature don’t always see eye to eye.

Don’t miss out on this opportunity for both parents and students to learn more about topics especially important to gifted students. Register and sign up for parent or student workshops now.