Mission, Vision & Values

Our Mission

Duke TIP recognizes academically talented students and provides advanced learning opportunities that foster their intellectual and social growth.

TIP's Vision

We envision a world where academically talented individuals flourish, transforming communities and the world.

Duke TIP's Guiding Values

Duke TIP's activities, programs, and actions are all guided by a core set of values. These are more than words and slogans to Duke TIP: these values are how we ensure that our mission to help gifted students reach their full potential remains at the center of everything we do. They are embraced by our full-time staff, taught to our seasonal staff, and form the core of our guidelines for student behavior.


Our words and actions matter.
We are honest, respectful, and transparent in all we do. We hold ourselves accountable and act in the best interests of our students at all times.

Continuous Improvement

First be great, then get better.
We are committed to reaching ever-higher levels of excellence in everything we do. We recognize that this ongoing improvement requires risk taking and innovation.


We are better together.
We value belonging and collaboration. At the heart of this belief is a respect for the hopes and dreams of every member of the TIP community.

Access & Inclusion

Everyone deserves the chance to excel. 
We believe that learning is elevated by different perspectives and experiences. We work hard to create opportunities for participation in our programs and to bring people together in an environment that celebrates each individual’s contributions.


Learn. Act. Repeat.
We recognize the importance of learning, analyzing, and deliberating before and after we act. We believe in the value of fact-based evidence and the wisdom of learning from our mistakes.