Jarvis Bailey


Director of Outreach and Access

Dr. Jarvis Bailey started his career in higher education in 2008 and has been with Duke TIP since Feburary 2020. His work has focused on producing unparalleled educational management capabilities, such as coordinating activities for student academic programming, and knowledge of all associated facets including faculty collaboration and coordination, liaising with internal and external departments, curriculum development and management, problem analysis, innovating solutions, crisis management, and professional development. His understanding of pedagogical theory and application has garnered a polarizing impact on the educational success of students of higher learning. Dr. Bailey's years of experience in collaborating with all educational stakeholders have been instrumental in streamlining and improving educational processes, collaborating with industry and developing practical opportunities, enhancing productivity and students’ subject-matter retention rate, and implementing solutions for any problematic contingencies. Dr. Bailey’s greatest successes thus far have been increasing the social mobility opportunities of underrepresented, limited-income, low-wealth, and minority students of color.

Dr. Bailey is a two-time alumnus from Temple University, earning his Bachelor of Science in Sport and Recreation Management and Doctorate in Educational Administration. He earned his Masters Degree in Leadership and Professional Advancement from Duquesne University.