Building futures, changing lives

At Duke TIP, we believe all academically gifted students, regardless of their economic background, deserve the chance to build a brighter future for themselves through the learning programs offered by Duke TIP. We also believe that economic diversity enriches our programs and learning communities, making the Duke TIP experience better for everyone involved.

100% of Your Gift Goes to Making Young Lives Better

Donations to Duke TIP are tax-deductible and 100 percent of what you give goes directly to need-based student financial aid. We place a priority on making sure we have the resources to help students from all economic backgrounds enroll in our talent searches and attend our educational programs.

However, TIP is a self-sustaining unit of Duke University and, as a nonprofit organization with a small endowment and younger alumni constituency, we rely heavily on alumni, parent, and organizational donor support to fund our financial aid.

Generous supporters who believe in the power of opportunity enabled Duke TIP to award more than $4.1 million in financial aid to students in 2017. We thank each and every one of them for their help.

Every Gift Makes a Difference

  • $50 gives a fourth, fifth, or sixth grader the chance to be challenged and to grow through our Talent Search.
  • $200 provides a middle school student with an Academic Adventure or monthlong eInvestigators experience — fostering their curiosity and academic skills.
  • $500 provides six students with the 7th Grade Talent Search experience, including above-level testing — giving them proof of their abilities so they can advocate for the education they deserve from their schools.
  • $1,000 underwrites an entire summer of accelerated instruction for a TIP student through our eStudies program, helping them focus their interests and hone their abilities.
  • $1,500 gives a middle school student the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to attend CRISIS, our one-week residential summer program that teaches teamwork and research skills.
  • $4,500 provides a student with a Summer Studies Program scholarship — giving them three weeks of an unforgettable academic and residential experience that helps them pinpoint their college and career interests while forging lifelong friendships.

Whatever you give, it can make a big difference in a young life. And we thank you for it.

“I'm genuinely and deeply appreciative of your support in order for me to gain this experience and further my education through TIP...Without people like you there would be many TIP students such as myself unable to attend! I cannot even begin to explain how this experience has impacted my life...Thank you again for your generosity and support."

—Duke TIP scholarship recipient