Case Developer

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Case Developers create coherent, sequential learning activities for TIP's eInvestigators program. The Case Developer will design curriculum in response to a problem scenario developed by a content expert and prepare activities and interactions that will lead students to unravel parts of the mystery. The developer will design four weeks of online learning activities (three hours of asynchronous student work and one hour of live session time per week) that ask students to walk in the shoes of an expert in the field as they make decisions, search for clues, and interact with basic concepts, content, and skills of the subject. The developer will also create a companion teacher’s guide with additional notes for the online instructors (Lead Investigators) who will guide students through the case. The developer will consult with the content expert for subject­area knowledge as needed to develop characters, plot events, activities, directions, assignment prompts, and rubrics. The developer will refine and co­develop artifacts in collaboration with the Content Expert and the Instructional Designer.


A master’s in education or curriculum and instruction, and/or long­term experience with teaching and curriculum development with Duke TIP or commensurate programs. Five or more years of teaching experience with gifted elementary or middle school students. Depth of knowledge in the teaching of the case subject or experience developing effective curriculum for a range of subjects. Excellent knowledge of word processing programs, presentation software, and other software applications relevant to online instruction; facility with adjusting to new instructional technology and implementing it; experience with innovative Web 2.0 tools. Strong writing skills, and excellent collaboration and communication skills.


Case Developers are hired for the following programs:


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