Instructional Positions

Instructor laughing while teaching a TIP class.


Instructional positions focus on the intellectual development of TIP students. You must apply your own knowledge to motivate and empower students so that they understand and embrace their full educational potential.

When you work in an instructional position at one of our summer residential programs, you have the opportunity to help build and implement innovative curriculums, engage in discussions and other interactive learning techniques, coordinate field trips and other hands-on learning opportunities for your students, build expertise in your area of study, and share your passion for a particular academic discipline with engaged and motivated students. Our summer online program positions provide you with the opportunity to achieve these goals while working with academically gifted students from around the world within a virtual learning environment.

Duke TIP maintains the highest standards for academic instruction and it is up to staff to establish and maintain these high standards while making the subject at hand engaging and inspiring. Much of this responsibility falls to Instructors and Teaching Assistants. While the learning environment will vary depending on the location and topic, all Duke TIP instruction is based on these key components:

Helpful Documents

Teaching at TIP (PDF)

  • fast-paced, rigorous, and innovative curricula taught above grade level and emphasizing rich and challenging content, active learning, and critical, higher-order thinking skills
  • an academic environment that values and encourages engagement, self-direction, independence, and excellence while inspiring and motivating students
  • distinguished instructional staff with expertise in their content area and a commitment to nurturing each student’s self-esteem and self-confidence.
  • a classroom environment characterized by high expectations, a low student-faculty ratio, and no course grades—all of which encourage intellectual risk-taking in a supportive and intellectually challenging learning climate