Headquarters Staff Positions

Current Openings

Director of Finance and Administration

Duke TIP is seeking a Director of Finance and Administration. This position will be reporting to the Executive Director. The TIP Director of Finance and Administration will lead and implement the day-to-day financial operations and processes to ensure the continued strength of Duke TIP’s $34M+ operational budget and reserve funds, as well as $10M+ endowment accounts. The Director is responsible for a variety of administrative and strategic functions, including budgeting, revenue collection, and expense management; e-Commerce operations; policy implementation; grant and endowment administration; transactional workflow; and building operations. The role will lead and execute departmental business and operational activities and monitor overall compliance with university policies and procedures to ensure required propriety and consistency of actions. This position will also oversee and direct key administrative departments of TIP: Finance, Facilities, and Human Resources. If you are interested in this position, please submit your application via the Duke HR Careers site prior to the close of the position on July 8, 2018.