Employment at TIP

Seasonal Program Positions

Each year, Duke TIP hires more than a thousand seasonal employees to staff its educational programs in both online and face-to-face formats. Our programs take place at locations across the country—primarily in Southeast, Southwest, and Midwest states—and at selected international locations. Our seasonal program staff members teach innovative courses to academically talented students, design dynamic social activities that support their emotional and social development, and create a supportive community that encourages lifelong friendships.

Creating a successful educational program for academically talented students requires a team of dedicated staff members working together. We typically hire individuals to work in one of three functional areas: administrative, instructional, and residential. Don’t worry if you aren’t sure which area you are most qualified for: when you apply, we will review your experience, qualifications, and preferences against all open positions and let you know how your skills and experiences might best contribute to our student experience.

When you work for TIP, you gain invaluable experience working with youth, develop new skills that can help you in whatever career path you choose, and have the opportunity to work with the most amazing group of motivated students you will ever encounter. When you become a part of our team, you also receive a competitive salary, and join a very special, collaborative TIP community.

A teacher explains a concept to a group of students

TIP Staff Positions

Duke TIP is a unit of Duke University and located near the Duke campus in Durham, North Carolina. Virtually all headquarters staff work in our Durham office. If you’re looking for a staff position at TIP's headquarters, rather than a seasonal program position, please visit Jobs at Duke and do a key word search for "Duke TIP." We also post details about open jobs on this website as a courtesy, but all nonseasonal staff positions are listed and managed by Duke University Human Resources—meaning that you must apply for permanent positions at TIP through the Jobs at Duke site.