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What Is Duke TIP?

The Duke University Talent Identification Program is a nonprofit organization that supports academically talented students in grades four through twelve. We offer above-grade-level testing, enrichment resources, year-round learning options, residential summer programs, online courses, and original research to supplement what students receive in school.

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Qualified students in grades seven through ten can now apply!

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Join as a 7th Grader

Members of the 7th Grade Talent Search learn about their talents by taking the ACT or SAT and receive resources to support their development.

Partnering with Schools

We work hand-in-hand with educators and school officials to expand the resources available for gifted students.

Join as a 4th–6th Grader

Enrollment for the 4th–6th Grade Talent Search will open again on October 1.

Open Educational Programs

We offer educational programs throughout the year—in the fall, spring, and summer. Both in-person and online programs are available. Here are the programs that are currently accepting applications.

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Summer Studies

Make lifelong friends and take the equivalent of a semester-long college course at this three-week program. Grades 7–10. Qualifying scores apply.


This one-week residential program lets students take on a new profession to solve a hypothetical community crisis. Grades 5 and 6.

Field Studies

At this two-week program, students utilize leading resources in hands-on, experiential courses. Grades 9–12.

Work with Us!

We hire for instructional, residential, and adminstrative positions for all of our programs. This job could change your life.


Students work together to solve a real-world mystery in this month-long, online program. Grades 4–6.


This seven-week online program combines the flexibility of digital platforms with the attentive feedback of a small classroom. Grades 7–11. Qualifying scores apply.

Activities for current TIP students

Testing, enrichment activities, ceremonies, and more—current TIP students have plenty of things going on throughout the year. Here's what's happening now.

Recognition Ceremonies

We host award ceremonies at universities across the country to honor 7th Grade Talent Search members who do exceptionally well on the ACT or SAT. Eligible students will receive invitations in April. Get all the details you need about logistics, timing, and more in the ceremonies section.

PSAT 8/9 Scores

Students in the 4th–6th Grade Talent Search who took the PSAT 8/9 will receive their scores in the mail in mid- to late-April. The report will come from College Board, not Duke TIP, so be on the look-out for an envelope with their logo.

ACT and SAT testing

What test centers are available? What do you need to bring on test day? What kind of test prep should you do? We can help.

Upcoming Key Dates

April 30, 2019

June ACT and SAT online enrollment deadline

7th Grade Talent Search

May 1, 2019

Webinar: PSAT 8/9 Results Summary

4th–6th Grade Talent Search

May 4, 2019

May SAT test date

7th Grade Talent Search

May 6, 2019

School and district contacts receive lists of TIP participants

4th–6th Grade Talent Search

May 15, 2019

Illustration Contest winners announced

4th–6th Grade Talent Search

May 18, 2019

Academic Adventures at Covington Latin School in Covington, Kentucky

Academic Adventures

Research & Resources

We offer a variety of resources to support academically talented students, their families, and educators, including original research. Find what you need.

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