Duke TIP


Duke TIP offers challenging educational adventures to motivated, dedicated and talented high school students who possess a desire to learn in a unique setting.

Field Studies: Duke TIP Field Studies are two weeks long and take place in U.S. locales or in countries around the world such as China, Costa Rica, Italy, and the Netherlands. These authentic academic experiences, similar to college field courses, allow students to take advantage of unique surroundings to fully explore the course material.

Institutes at Duke University: Living on Duke University’s campus, students experience college life first-hand. They study college-level material, attend workshops focused on the college admissions process, and live and study within the walls of the majestic Duke campus.

The Law

  • War, Children, and International Justice: The War Crimes Tribunals of The Hague–06/23-07/07 (Duke University, North Carolina and The Hague, Netherlands)

Social Sciences

  • Political Science and International Relations–06/27-07/11 (Shanghai, Xian, Beijing, China)

Math and Science

  • Exotica: Biological Diversity in Costa Rica–07/10-07/24 (Costa Rica)

  • Tropical Medicine and Ethnobiology–06/21-07/05 (Las Cruces, Costa Rica)

German Scholar Exchange

Duke TIP students who are fluent in German are eligible to apply for a spot at The German Students Academy in Bonn, Germany. This opportunity is available through a collaboration with Bildung & Begabung gemeinnützige GmbH, which runs the Academy. The German Academy offers a 16-day residential program for gifted students. Course subjects include mathematics, science, social science, humanities, economics, languages, music, medicine, and more. For more information, visit www.deutsche-schuelerakademie.de.

Students who are interested in The German Students Academy should contact Duke TIP at fsiadmissions@tip.duke.edu for a referral.