Duke TIP


As part of the 7th Grade Talent Search, Duke TIP will register a student for either the ACT or the SAT. The test registration is included in the talent search enrollment fee. For a student already excelling at grade-specific tests, the knowledge and experience gained from taking an above-level test like the ACT or SAT is invaluable. Above-level testing provides helpful insight into a student's academic abilities and allows effective planning for high school and beyond. Additionally, these testing experiences give seventh graders the opportunity to preview the same test they will face during the college admissions process.

The ACT or SAT is the same exam that high school students take when applying to college. In fact, at most test center locations there will be high school students taking the test alongside the seventh graders. Seventh grade students are required to complete the entire exam. Note that when it is time to apply to college, these scores will never be sent to a college unless the student requests that they be sent.

Test Preparation

Duke TIP does not recommend that students take part in excessive test preparation. Talent search testing is diagnostic in nature; unnecessary anxiety is often the only obvious result from some preparation programs. It is sufficient to be familiar with the test structure, timing of each section, recommended guessing strategies, and to complete the practice test provided. This testing experience does not have a pass or fail component, and along with other academic indicators such as grades, it can provide additional information for parents to evaluate.