Duke TIP

Don't Just Learn It—Experience It

Law. Filmmaking. Psychology. Medicine. These are just a few of the fields of study you can pursue. Why wait until you choose your college major or start your career to dig deeper into subjects that fascinate you? Explore life on the cutting edge of these fields this summer through Duke TIP Field Studies.

What Are TIP's Field Studies?

Field Studies are rigorous programs that allow you to experience your academic passion and potential career firsthand. Located at various sites throughout the United States and abroad, these engaging, two-week programs allow you to take advantage of unique surroundings to enhance your hands-on learning.

Explore the history of the American civil rights movement at the site of the 1960 nonviolent Greensboro sit-ins. Conduct astronomical research in the beautiful Appalachian Mountains. Write original poetry, fiction, or nonfiction at the New Mexico summer retreat preferred by artist Georgia O’Keeffe. Study tropical medicine and hike through the rainforest with local guides as they explain traditional healing in Costa Rica. Whether you want to explore the path of a scientist, a lawyer, a filmmaker, a writer, a mathematician, a medical practitioner, or a researcher, we have a 2016 summer program for you.

Field Studies at The Hague

Programs in the US are open to students who are currently in grades nine through twelve. International programs are open to students currently in grades ten through twelve. Need-based financial aid is available for domestic programs.