Duke TIP

Gifted Resources

To assist our students in achieving their educational goals, Duke TIP provides resources for their families and educators to help them navigate the issues of gifted education.

The Digest of Gifted Research is a trusted resource for parents who are looking for research-based information about rearing and educating academically talented children. The Digest contains new and relevant information regarding the challenges gifted children face, social and emotional needs of gifted students and gifted program opportunities.

TIPs for the College Bound provides guidance to gifted students and their parents on everything from planning a successful pre-college academic strategy to scheduling college visits and choosing the right school. 

Duke TIP offers information sessions and webinars about many of our programs and benefits of participation.

Families will find educational programs and academic competitions in the Educational Opportunity Guide.

State directors ensure that the school districts are providing school services to eligible students in the manner prescribed by the state’s laws.

State gifted associations offer support and information to parents and teachers about state gifted programs, services, and legislation.

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