Duke TIP

Talent Search in India

With over 30 years of experience identifying and supporting academically gifted youth in the United States, Duke TIP is proud to announce the launch of a Talent Search in India. In partnership with Educational Initiatives, one of India’s leading educational organizations and the creators of the ASSET test, Duke TIP will provide families and educators an opportunity to identify and support academically gifted students in India.

In select schools, seventh standard students who score at or above 95 percent on the Science, Math or English section of the ASSET test in August will be invited to participate in the Talent Search. Participants will receive numerous benefits, including

  • The opportunity to take an above-level ASSET test in early winter
  • Diagnostic analysis of performance on the above-level ASSET test
  • Certificate of recognition
  • Access to educational resources through online newsletters
  • The opportunity to qualify for Duke TIP educational programming, ranging from online e-Studies courses to residential summer programs in India and the United States