Duke TIP

Get Started

The following details pertain to the 2014-2015 regular enrollment period that runs from August 1–December 15. For information on how to enroll students now using our 2Step late enrollment process, visit www.tip.duke.edu/7enroll.

Step 1: Prepare

Before you get started, we suggest perusing this site to learn about talent search benefits, considerations for testing, and the enrollment process. You may also want to review the Coordinator's Guide and PowerPoint presentation. Recordings of earlier webinars are also available.

Step 2: Select

Identify your eligible students using recent test scores. Choose the name of your qualifying test and then review the score requirements.

Step 3: Notify

Deliver the exciting news to families! We've made it easy with downloadable letter templates in English or Spanish and brochures in English or Spanish (download at right). We have also provided you with PowerPoint presentations in both English and Spanish that describe our talent search in detail. You can use these presentations in individual or group meetings with parents. The presentations include suggested narrator's notes to guide you in your remarks.

Step 4: Enroll

Families enroll directly, but may need your encouragement to take part. Encourage families to enroll online (for a quicker response) or to submit their paper applications quickly. See our calendar for a list of deadlines. To assist your students there are fee grants, which are available to students who qualify for free or reduced lunch programs.