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The Writer's Journey, Volume 1

Writer's Journey, Volume 1 at a glance

Now an online course with updated content that incorporates lessons about writing for online media

Feeling adventurous? Then accept the challenge and depart on The Writer's Journey. Slay the dragons of dull language and disorganization so you can seize the treasure: writing that grabs your readers' attention with well-chosen details. On this journey, you will delve into concepts such as vivid diction, controlling purpose, audience awareness, and lively voice while studying examples of descriptive, expressive, and narrative writing in the accompanying Mercury Reader for Developing Writers (sold separately). Practice skills with writing topics of personal interest while meeting national standards. Experience eight stages of the writer's journey (including prewriting, drafting, and editing) as you write sensory descriptions, comparisons, dialectical journals, poems, autobiographical incidents, and short stories. Learn how to blog, query publishers and agents, and write a professional email. With the help of an accompanying website, your mentor can assist you using additional guidelines, answer keys, and supplementary materials.

Aligned with Common Core English Language Arts standards.

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Required text (student must purchase independently)

Recommended materials

For the final unit, a handbook on grammar and sentence variety is recommended. This handbook is also used for The Writer's Journey, Volume 2.

Click on the textbook title to see availability and prices at various online booksellers.

Other handbooks of style can be substituted, such as:

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