Duke TIP

Employment at TIP

Each year Duke TIP hires more than 700 seasonal employees to lead its educational programs in both online and campus-based formats at locations across the country and around the world. These individuals teach innovative courses, design dynamic social activities, and encourage lifelong friendships for academically-gifted students. Through this opportunity, you will gain valuable experience and develop new skills that will help you in whatever career path you choose.

Benefits from Working at TIP

Allow yourself a chance to create one of the most rewarding work experiences you will ever have.  Become a part of our team and:

  • Receive a competitive salary
  • Become more self-aware about your career path
  • Develop lifelong friendships with peers and students
  • Grow as a leader by working collaboratively in teams
  • Engage in hands-on teaching experiences
  • Build upon or obtain supervisory experience
  • Gain experience planning and executing events