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Discovering Science and Medicine: Epidemiology, Disease, and Outbreak

Discovering Science and Medicine at a glance

Are you curious about the origins of disease and how doctors and epidemiologists work together to solve an outbreak? Join the Odyssey Exploration Academy and virtual classmates Dee, Moe, Norma, Ivana, and Earl as you master the scientific process, experimental design, data collection, logical reasoning, and statistical analysis. Develop writing skills and explore foundational medical concepts, including the history and practice of human anatomy study, causes and mechanisms of disease, and important elements of epidemiological study. Dr. Dewalot, Dr. Tome, Dr. Nomial, Dr. Smart, and Gadget the robot will be your scientific mentors to grant you licenses, from Alpha to Zeta,that admit you to the next stage. Once you are ready to think like an epidemiologist, you will be presented with a medical mystery: a real-world, complex, problem testing all the skills you have mastered. As you follow the messy path of pathogens, build a hypothesis, and balance the health, economic, and media challenges of containing an outbreak, you will better understand what it means to do science thoughtfully, ethically, and efficiently.

With the help of an accompanying website, your mentor can assist you using additional guidelines, answer keys, and supplementary materials.

Aligned with Common Core Mathematics Standards; Common Core English Language Arts Standards; North Carolina Essential Standards, 6–8 Science; and North Carolina Essential Standards, Information and Technology Standards, Grades 6–8.

Required texts (sold separately)

  • Discovering Science and Medicine: Epidemiology, Disease, and Outbreak custom reader (created especially for Duke TIP Independent Learning, available only at University Readers). Instructions for purchasing.
  • Anatomy Flashcards by Kaplan Medical
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