Duke TIP

eSeminars Instructor

Instructors for the Duke TIP eSeminars Program are responsible for designing and teaching challenging online seminars for academically gifted middle- and high-school students using the Saki course management system, Adobe Connect, and other appropriate instructional technology tools. Instructors will deliver lectors and facilitate live discussions with students using a webcam. Instructors are required to monitor activity on the course Web site on a daily basis, to respond to student questions within 24 hours. Instructors may be asked to allow the Duke TIP research division, the director of educational innovation and outreach, the coordinator of Independent Learning, or other Duke TIP staff to administer research studies and/or surveys to students during the course. Detailed responsibilities include, but are not limited to, items listed in Specific Duties.


A bachelor’s segree is required, with at least a year of graduate school or teaching experience strongly preferred. An advanced degree and more extensive teaching experience are preferred.  Experience with middle school or high school students is very helpful, as is experience with programs and/or curricula for academically gifted students. Previous experience with online or web-enhanced courses is beneficial, but is not required. Applicants must be able to demonstrate depth of knowledge in course-specific subject matter and a level of preparedness sufficient to create syllabi and teach challenging material. Applicants must possess a genuine interest in the academic, social, and emotional growth of adolescents and a willingness to work cooperatively with others. Candidates should possess strong writing and communication skills, and must be sufficiently familiar with word processing programs, presentation software, Web browsers, and other software applications used to teach in an online environment.  

Specific Duties

Before the Program

  • Prepare the following items and return them to the TIP office within two weeks of the contract date:
    • A detailed one-page course description and a day-by-day syllabus
    • A list of supplemental Web sites to be used in your class
    • Participate in face-to-face or online orientation and training for Sakai and Adobe Connect.

During the Program

  • Perform all duties necessary to ensure the smooth operation of the course and the program.
  • Monitor student activity on the course website on a daily basis.
  • Construct activities that encourage and enable students to interact with the course material, their peers and with the instructor.
  • Facilitate live student discussions using Adobe Connect.
  • Respond to student questions and inquiries within 24 hours.
  • Maintain “virtual office hours,” regular weekly time when students can contact the instructor and expect a more or less immediate response.
  • Keep all necessary staff informed of potential academic problems. Confer with the Director of Educational Innovation and Outreach and/or other designated Duke TIP staff regularly.
  • Enforce Duke TIP rules consistently and fairly. 
  • Communicate with parents (via email or phone) as needed during the term to discuss students’ academic difficulties. Consult with the director of educational innovation and outreach and/or other designated Duke TIP staff prior to these communications, and copy these Duke TIP staff members on any and/all such e-mail communication.
  • Report any inappropriate use of Internet resources by students to the director of domestic educational programs immediately.

After the Program

  • Submit list of students that did not participate in the eSeminar to Duke TIP permanent staff for review at the end of term.