Duke TIP

What is the Talent Search?

Each year the 7th Grade Talent Search helps educators and families determine how advanced their students’ abilities truly are and what level of educational challenge is appropriate. As part of their talent search enrollment, Duke TIP will register eligible seventh graders to take either the ACT (no Writing) or SAT as an above-level testing experience. This allows students to have greater insight into their abilities and a chance to preview the test they will take during the college admissions process. We also provide students with valuable benefits and resources designed specifically for academically talented youth.

We provide helpful hints and resources, as well as printable versions of our talent search brochure and letter templates, for you to use when introducing our program to your students and their families. Fee grants are available for some students.Smiling students in classroom

We look forward to working with you. You are a critical member of the identification and support process for gifted students, and we appreciate your willingness to offer this important educational opportunity to your students. Without your help, we would not be able to support academically talented students with the programs they need and deserve.

Enrollment begins August 1 of each year.