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Learn: Enrollment opens today for Field Studies and Institutes!

This summer, you’re invited to be a part of something unique. At a Duke TIP Field Studies or Institute, you can investigate the Supreme Court, explore creative writing in New Mexico, or study medicine in the rain forests of Costa Rica. Whether you want to develop your leadership abilities, immerse yourself in a different culture, or examine the complexities of green architecture, genetics, or chaos theory, Duke TIP provides a summer program that suits your academic interests.

Field Studies and Institutes are rigorous, two-week academic programs for high school students. Field Studies take place in U.S. locales or in countries around the world, allowing you to take advantage of your surroundings to fully explore the course material. Institutes take place at Duke University in North Carolina and New College in Florida, allowing you to study college-level material, attend college admissions workshops, live in residence halls, and tour the campus on which you’re staying.

2013 Field Studies topics include:

  • Creative Writing – Ghost Ranch, New Mexico
  • Astronomy and Physics – PARI Observatory, Rosman, North Carolina
  • Political Science and Global Economics – China
  • Tropical Medicine – Costa Rica

2013 Institutes topics include:

  • Green Architecture – Duke University
  • Philosophy – Duke University
  • Human Genetics – Duke University
  • Sensory Biology and Neuroscience of Marine Organisms – New College of Florida

Early application deadline: February 4
Regular application deadline: March 4
Limited financial aid is available.

We hope to challenge you at a Field Study or Institute this summer! Apply now.