This pretest will help you and your mentor determine what knowledge and skills you need to master. The pretest should be challenging, as Duke TIP courses are developed for gifted students who are interested in accelerating and enriching their learning.

Please note that more specific pretests of skill appear at the beginning of individual lessons, so if you ace this test, you may want to "try again" on an even more challenging level in each lesson.

This assessment should be a snapshot of your current knowledge prior to taking the course.

  1. Complete each quiz question carefully.
  2. If you have not completed a task before, answer "false." If you are unsure of your knowledge on a subject or the depth of your experience, answer "false."
  3. Do not use any outside sources while taking this assessment. For example, do not look for answers on the Internet or in other electronic sources, read print sources, or ask others for help.

You can view your score as you work, and you can also print it by typing your name at the bottom of this page and printing a report

Let's get started and find out what you know about the following concepts and what experience with writing that you have.

A score of less than 80 percent indicates that you would benefit from taking this course.

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